My Little Paper

Having children at primary school and making them practice for exams is a challenge.
I'd like to make it easier by creating a mock-exam-test GENERATOR for Primary 1, based on Singapore school curriculum.
With this, our children can keep practicing the same topic or questions until achieving mastery, with a different set of numbers or words every time.
This is something that cannot be fulfilled by the limited number of past year papers or by the daunting thick exam books from bookshops.

The following test pages are simply formatted to mimic the original test papers to make our children get used to it.
They are printer-friendly and mobile-friendly to practice on the go.

Primary 1 - Math

Primary 5 - Math

Primary 5 - English

Let me know which topics you want to be added here by sending sample questions to
Only popular requested topics will be considered to add. help maintaining this page

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